The Row

To row the Atlantic Ocean without leaving the Commonwealth.

A solo and unsupported journey covering over 3000 miles, from Sierra Leone, West Africa to Guyana, South America. with the sole aim of raising awareness of the Commonwealth.

It’s amazing what can be achieved when people come together. The Commonwealth has 2.4 billion of us!

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Live Tracker

The Live Tracker Is Sadly Down After Getting Damaged In Bad Weather On Sunday 17th Feb. Please Try To Follow On Marine Traffic.


The Boat

The Boat

The boat ‘Tamu’kke’ is a purpose, hand-built 7.3 metre Rannoch R25 made from carbon, making it not only lighter but far stiffer, allowing her a greater glide through the water.

It is only the third boat of its type to be built, and the first ever to be built with carbon.

She is a truly groundbreaking boat, encompassing years worth of ever-evolving design and the latest materials available.

The Route

Over 3000 miles from West Africa to South America

Leaving Freetown in Sierra Leone, and arriving in Georgetown, Guyana.

Continent to continent, Commonwealth to Commonwealth.

The Route

The route not only covers crossing the roaring Atlantic Ocean and everything it has to throw at you in an 8 metre rowing boat, but also the truly unpredictable ‘Doldrums’ immediately west of Sierra Leone.

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